A composite picture of the Sun with some spot activity.
Composite image of the disc and the changes of the sunspot group AR 10956 over a period of 4 days (17-20.5).
Huge sunspot groups, several times the size of Earth.
Big sunspot getting close to the edge.
A single spot surrounded by "calm" background.
AR 2396 9-10.8.2015
Very large sunpot groups travel across the sun changing shapes every day.
AR 2403 23-24.8.2015
The next big group two weeks later. This group produced a flare 24.8, 3,5 hours before the second image.
AR 2542 2543 9.5.2016 14.11 LT
Big sunspot pair AR2542-2543. Link to original size image.
Mercury transit 9.5.2016 14.14 LT
Start of the transit, Mercury is almost fully on the surface of Sun.
Mercury transit 9.5.2016 14.15 LT
A minute later Mercury moves fast.
Mercury transit 9.5.2016 16.32 LT
Over two hours to the transit round shadow of Mercury and some sun spots.
AR 2546 20.5.2016 13.34 LT
Big sunspot AR2546.
AR 2546 20.5.2016 13.38 LT
Same sunspot 4 minutes later. Huge difference in seeing can be seen.
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